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26 Jun 2018

The Senior Women's Squad entered a coxless four into the Aspirational Club event (previously known as Intermediate Club).

They unfortunately missed out on qualifying by 0.3 of a second in a very competitive class, but had an excellent row representing the club at the hu...

6 Jun 2018

 The senior women's squad entered into multiple events in arguably the largest regatta of the year with all our athletes competing in more than one event.


W4x Tier 2 - 2nd (heat) 5th (final)

W1x Tier 4 - 5th

W4+ Tier 2 - 5th

W4- Tier 2 - 6th


W4- Cham...

6 Jun 2018

We made our usual pilgrimage to Monmouth this year. Although we had a smaller group of athletes than in previous years the Staines Boat Club ‘massive’ of followers and athletes were of the highest quality. 

As usual we set up our own Staines Boat Club encampment n...

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