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The Ashes 50th Anniversary Memorial

On Sunday 25th April, the Club commemorated the 50th anniversary of The Ashes tragedy when an 8 bearing that name was swept over the Penton Hook weir and three Club members lost their lives. Family members, friends and a survivor gathered on Penton Hook Lock island for a moment of personal remembrance. A plaque was unveiled on Penton Hook Lock island by Carol Choules-Rowe, wife of one of those we lost, to commemorate the three Club members: her husband Alan (Charlie) Choules along with Alan Wickens and David Firman.

There was a ceremonial row down from the Club to the Lock, led by an eight crewed by family of Alan Choules and representatives of the whole of Staines Boat Club, including one member who was present on the day of the tragedy. The boat they used was called The Ashes, which was named on the 40th anniversary. The Ashes was accompanied by a large number of boats from right across the all the various squads of the Club including some of our youngest members and some of our more senior members.

As the plaque so eloquently says, they are Gone, but not forgotten.


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