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Founded in the mid-19th century as an amateur rowing club, we were first recorded as racing in 1869 in the Rowing Almanac held in the library at British Rowing HQ. SBC has a long history of success in encouraging the development of our sport. Staines Boat Club is one of the founding members of the Remenham Club which was established in 1909 alongside London, Vesta, Thames, Twickenham, Kingston and Molesey rowing clubs. Being a member of the Remenham club entitles members and guests access to an enclosure at the Henley Royal Regatta. Each year there is also the Remenham Challenge, a head race for the founding clubs. Rowers from our club have represented Great Britain and throughout our history we’ve had considerable success at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta and other national and international competitions. Our original boathouse was destroyed by a fire in 1950 and the Club lost not only its boathouse but its entire fleet of boats. Through the efforts of members, and with the support of other rowing Clubs throughout the country, SBC was able to raise sufficient funds to erect a temporary boathouse and buy replacement boats to keep the Club going that was used until 2022. In May 2022 we held an opening ceremony for our new boathouse after many years of fundraising and hard work. Well done to everyone involved.

Remenham Club

Staines Boat Club is one of the oldest clubs on the River Thames and have a special association with 6 of the other old clubs. Together they formed the Remenham Club at Henley on Thames. The Remenham club has a permanent clubhouse building and land adjacent to the River, approximately half way along the Henley Royal Regatta Course just under a mile from the start. It's a great place to watch the racing during the Regatta. Membership of Remenham club is strictly limited to 1000 in number. Each member who must also be a member of and have competed for one of the 7 founding clubs (of which SBC is one). However during the five days of Henley Royal Regatta the Remenham Club members can entertain their guests in the clubhouse and enclosed gardens where they can enjoy the atmosphere of the Regatta in the pleasant surroundings of the club with all the fine facilities it offers. Like all Rowing clubs the Remenham Club has a committee which is made up of its membership from all 7 founding clubs. The committee meets regularly during the year.

SBC currently have three representatives on the Remenham Club Committee who are first point of contact for the membership from Staines Boat Club. They are as follows:

Mrs Lesley Mahli, Vice President RC (SBC)
Mrs Gurli Medcalfe (SBC)
Mr Peter Harvey (SBC)

Any of the above SBC Remenham members can be contacted at

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