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Regional trials at Dorney Lake

This weekend some of the Junior Women took part in the Regional trials held at the Rowing lake at Eton Dorney. The trials were held by our British Rowing regional team to select crews for the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta (JIRR) to be held at the National Water Sports Centre at Nottingham on 22-April-2017. The crews selected in the trial will go on to represent our British Rowing Region (Thames Upriver) against all the other UK Rowing regions at the JIRR. Our junior women's crews put in a strong performance against the other crews in our region, which were a selection of the best competing in their Junior Rowing category today. Our best performance was in the Women's Junior Double Sculls event where our two crews put-in fast times over the 1500 metre course. This was the 2nd Row of the day for our athletes. Sadly one of the crews was held up when they had to change lanes to overtake the crew in front which will have cost them valuable seconds in their overall time. For many of our athletes this was their first ever time trial for a National level Rowing event. In particular Olivia Bennett who took part in the Women's Junior 14 single sculling event. Single sculling over this distance is a massive challenge and when we consider Olive only took up sculling last summer, she has to be congratulated as she put a huge effort to achieve a very reasonable time over the 1500 metre course. Sadly none of our crews qualified to represent the Region at the JIRR this time, but we demonstrated that we are indeed a force to be reckoned in the smaller boats. TIMES BY EVENT WJ15 2x (doubles) 15 Crews entry CLUB/POSITION/TIME@1500m City Oxford RC/WINNER/6.35 Staines-Kathryn & Ellie/6th/6.47 (+12) Staines-Lydia & Maddie/8th/7.06 (+31) WJ15 4x+ (coxed Quad) 6 Crews entry CLUB/POSITION/TIME@1500m Maidenhead RC/WINNER/6.01 Staines-Lydia-Maddie-Ellie-Kathryn (Cox. Olive) POSITION 5th / TIME 6.41 (+40) WJ14 1x (Single) 3 Crews entry Reading RC/WINNER/7.10 City of Oxford RC/2nd/7.21 (+11) Staines BC-Olive/3rd/7.51 (+41) WELL DONE to all those that took part. Thank you to Coach Jerry Sutton for his work to Marshall crews at this event.  

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