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Sponsored Row to fund a Defibrillator for the Club

Defibs are lifesaving equipment and will be there to help any Club member and also our neighbours and members of the public following a cardiac arrest. Genuinely, this will save lives!

Its ever so easy to join in.

When is it? Saturday 23rd October. Please set aside the whole day. There may also be food, etc back at the Club.

Where is it? Henley back to Staines passing through some of the most scenic countryside in the area

How far is it? 45km / 28 miles (depending on how you count but not both). The row will go through 12 locks on the way so there is plenty of time for rest and recovery on the way.

What do I need to do? Let your coach and squad coordinator know you are interested and they will also be able to give you more information. Crews and boat allocations will be sorted out nearer the day.

Any other questions, please ask me or Elaine Stewart




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