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Schools Head of The River Race

 Here on the River Thames Tideway Rowing Course the weather is dry but blustery this afternoon. So much gusty wind the course between Hammersmith and Putney is considered to be not suitable for racing. So the race organisers have shortened the course by about a mile and relocating the finish at the Bandstand near Chiswick. Standing at my vantage point on Barnes Railway bridge, the River below us is turbulent and looking down steam I can see the choppy water just breaking into waves in some areas with little white foaming peaks. It's a challenge for the racing crews as they try to pick their way through the wash and avoid other boats being tossed around by the wind. Several eights have clashed blades (oars) here and have to take swift and drastic action to stay apart. Both the Staines Boats however seems to be more confident. Actually all the Quad sculling boats racing seem to be in control in the rough water. Our Junior men just get caught by a gust and are blown off course but recover early and get back on to terms with the other racing crews, pushing hard I think I can just make out then catching another crew somewhere in the distance. Then after what seems like an age our Junior Women come through with space around them. They have an excellent course and push hard away from Barnes Bridge and continue to go strong all the way downriver. WELL DONE to all those SBC junior athletes competing today. I has been very exciting to watch you race from a very cold and windy Barnes Bridge  

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