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Weybridge Ladies Rowing Club Regatta

WEYBRIDGE LADIES ROWING CLUB REGATTA 2017 was held today on a beautiful part of the River Thames near Weybridge, Surrey. The weather with bright sunshine and still waters in the Desborough Cut (a straight man-made channel in the River) were perfect for Rowing. It was the turn of our Women's Junior 14 double sculling crew Olivia Bennett & Scarlett Jones to race. Again this competition was oversubscribed with junior race entries and the standard of Rowing in the Women's Junior 14 double sculls w event was extremely high. In their Semi-Final race our girls lined up at the start against an experienced crew from Walton Rowing Club. On the GO both crews put in a very good start. But after the first 100 metres the Walton crew began to pull away to open our a lead that our crew could not recapture although they did manage to hold at a fixed distance of approximately 3 lengths down as they went on to finish the race. We stayed to watch the Walton RC crew race in the final, which they won easily. 

Olivia & Scarlett are fast forming a strong partnership in the double sculling boat, and are now gaining valuable race experience together. We look forward to seeing them compete at other Regatta's during this summer season. 

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