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Overall an excellent performance from the Staines Boat Club Junior Squad. The conditions on the water were excellent for racing and this is reflected in some of the times we achieved. Here is a outline of our performance. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone: IM3 4+ (Sweep Coxed Four) Crew name. STN-Uttley *WINNERS* Time 10.05 Well dome lads & Cox. Fi J16 2x (Men’s Double) Crew name. STN-Torchia 3rd of 7 Time: 10.36 (+0.14) J16 2x (Men’s Double) Crew name. STN-Gale 6th of 7 Time:10.51 (+0.29) J16 4x- (Men’s Coxless Quad) Crew Nane. STN-Gale 3rd of 3 Time 9.52 (+0.14) ^Still a fast time guys! J17 2x (Men’s Double) Crew Name. STN-Uttley 2nd of 3 Time: 10.16 (+0.31) WJ15 4x+ (Women’s Coxed Quad) Crew Name. STN-Bennett 8th of 11 Time: 11.46 (+1.12) WJ16 2x (Women’s Double) Crew Name. STN-Bruce ^WINNERS* Time: 11.05 CONGRATULATIONS Ladies! WJ16 2x (Women’s Double) Crew Name. STN-Burton 2nd of 6 Time: 11.11 (+0.6) WJ18 2x (Women’s Double) Crew Name. STN-Knight 5th of 7 Time. 11.13 (+0.24) WJ14 2x (Women’s Double) Crew Name. STN-Hunt 14th of 19 Time:13.20 (+2.01) We can be very proud of our Junior athletes and the results indicate the the hard work done in training is paying off. CONGRATULATIONS to our WINNERS. We will make arrangements to get your prizes to you very soon. A SPECIAL MENTION to all those racing for the first time today. Some of you only started Rowing in September and if you did it is quit an achievement to have raced today. You have shown you are making excellent progress WELL DONE to all those that took part in this race today Peter Harvey (Coach) Staines Boat Club | 

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