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Weybridge Winter Head 2018

With this competition the clue as to the type of event you can expect is in the name ‘Winter’ in the title. In past years we have experienced snow and ice, blistering cold winds and torrential rain. This year we were ‘lucky’ to get calm conditions on the water and an Air temperature above zero degrees. Nevertheless, a fine misty rain coupled with low temperatures soaked and chilled through all those taking part.

Overall the team Staines Boat Club performance in the various events which make up this competition were very good and I’m pleased to announce we have WINS! Here below are our results:

***CONGRATULATIONS*** to our Winning Crews and WELL DONE to all those who took part and endured another Weybridge Winter Head’ll be able look back in the Summer and laugh, if you can’t right now! ❄️

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