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Hampton Junior Head

HAMPTON JUNIOR HEAD 2018 - Provisional Results. This is one of the most popular events in the Junior Head Race Calendar. This year was a record Entry with over 600 crews racing today.

Sadly the weather didn’t match the spectacular occasion. Lead grey sky’s with drizzly rain nearly all day long. The temperature barely lifted above 5oC which helped to chill the proceedings. During the day the venue Hurst Park in Molesey turned to muddy pool resembling a First World War battlefield in parts.

There were Huge numbers of junior athletes attended this race and I lost count at 60 boat trailers, there were many more perhaps 100 trailers bristling with boats and equipment. Staines Boat Club Junior Squad were racing in 2x, 4x-, 4- events. The Provisional results are as follows;

EVENT/CREW NAME/POSITION/TIME (DIFFERENCE FROM WINNER) WJ16 2x STN-Burton 3rd/10 10.36:5 (+0.25) WJ16 2x STN-Knight 5th/10 10:49:6 (+0.38) J15 2x STN-Alexander 7th/10 10.56:8 (+1.18) J16 2x STN-Torchia 1 7th/24 10.17:1 (+1.07) J16 4x- STN-Punter 17th/22 9,37:1 (+0.45) JUN 4- STN-Waters 8th/9 9.42:8 (+1.13)

Another challenging Head Race over the SBC Crews Racing today will move on to practice for Burway Head at the end on February and then the prestigious ‘Schools Head of the River Race’ in March. I’m sure, like me you wish these young athletes well. CONGRATULATIONS to all those who took part in today’s race

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