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Wallingford Regatta

Staines Boat Club entered 4 crews into the Wallingford Regatta held at Dorney Lake, a Women's Challenge 4-, an Open Schools 4x-, and two Women's Club 2x.

Photos available here: Ben Rodford Photography

Full results available here: Results

The 4- was in Heat A, lane 2 at eye watering start time of 7:54. This was their first race as a crew and finished 5th in their Heat.

The 4x- was in Heat C, lane 5 at a much nicer start time of 14:48. They finished 6th in their Heat.

We entered two crews into the Women's Club 2x. The A crew were in Heat B, lane 4 and finished 5th in their Heat.The B crew were in Heat A, lane 1 and finished 6th in their Heat.

Still from video of the 4- in the last 250m

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