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Monmouth Regatta

We made our usual pilgrimage to Monmouth this year. Although we had a smaller group of athletes than in previous years the Staines Boat Club ‘massive’ of followers and athletes were of the highest quality.

As usual we set up our own Staines Boat Club encampment next to the beautiful River Wye and at strategic location to enable us to cheer on our racing crews as the make their way through the last 250 metres to the finish line.

Saturday (racing over 1500m the long course) and the weather was fine and got warmer during the day. We had many fine performances and a win in the W4x- category. Probably the highlight of the day was the last race, the Sunset Eights (Course 500m) with three boats racing side-by-side. The crews are mixed, four men & four women and coxswain. In our boat the athletes aged 20 years to 56 years old. The other crews were made up of members from Cardiff University squad. And YES dear reader the Staines Boat actually won!!!

Sunday morning was challenging due to heavy rain and thunder. Racing was suspended for a while. But as morning turned to afternoon the weather improved and the sun began to shine on the Regatta and Staines Boat Club. We saw many of our crews race and progress through to Finals. But it was our Junior Men who were to win in the J14 single sculls and J16 double sculls events. Yet another fabulous year at Monmouth Regatta and racing we will remember for many years to come

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