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Remembrance Service

Around 50 Club Members gathered this morning to honour and remember the 8 Club Members and all Service Personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice in both World Wars and other conflicts around the World. A situation made all the more real through the speech from Dudley Fletcher recalling former pupils who fought in the Falklands.

We remember our own Club members who gave their lives in the two World Wars


1914 – 1918

R St. G Brooks (2nd Lt. Royal Field Artillery – Died 25th September 1915 Age 25 – Loos, France)

Claude Jeffery Keeping (Capt. 8th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment - Died 24th August 1918 Age 34 – Albert, France)

R. W. Wood (Unknown – listed as R. Wood, Staines War Memorial, Town Square )

G. Hodson (Unknown – Not listed)

1939 – 1945

Peter Dennis Hawes Street (Lt. 2nd Parachute Brigade, 1st Airborne Division & KOSB - Died 9th October 1942 Age 21)

Jack Anthony Engall (Lt. 43 Bty. 61 Lt. A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery - Died on 31st May 1942 – Alamein, North Africa)

Te Roki Robieson [of New Zealand] (Sgt. Pilot. 55 Opp. Training Unit, Royal Air Force - Died 8th July 1942 - Solway Firth, Scotland)

Phillip Norman Osborne (Flt. Lt. 110 (Hyderabad) Squadron, Royal Air Force - Died 10th November 1945 - Surabaya, Indonesia)

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