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Nottingham City Regatta

The 6 week countdown to Henley Women's is on! With that in mind our Women's squad entered their first summer regatta. Waking up bright and early to travel up to Nottingham, they entered a 4- and an 8+.

After some satnav issues sending the trailer to the wrong side of the lake and having to unhitch so they could turn it around in the very narrow lane, they made it there safely.

First up was the 8+ who fought hard and came 3rd. The 4- raced in the afternoon - just as the sun went in and the rain started. This was their steerers first time steering a race - going straight on a narrow course is harder than you'd think! They hit a few buoys in the first 500m, but then got themselves back on track and through some well timed pushes finished in 2nd place.

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