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Cambridge Winter Head

The 'Mighty Staines' (as nicknamed by the entries secretary for Cambridge Winter Head) travelled up to Cambridge with the Women's squad ready for their first (not cancelled) head race this season.

This was the first time for Staines on the river Cam navigating the incredibly tight bends om the course. Up first was the 4-, who unfortunately fell victim to one of the bends due to the 4+ crew being over taken not yielding their racing line forcing the 4- into the bank. They made a quick recovery and over took that crew before the next bend and another 4+ crew on the straight. Our 4- missed out on 1st place by only 8 seconds!

Next up our 4+ gained 3rd place in their event and lastly the crews formed together to create out 8+ and came 2nd in their category. Well done ladies fabulous results!

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