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Covid-19 and SBC

At the moment, with all the Coronavirus infections going around, we would ask everyone who comes down to the Club to take a number of sensible precautions. While most of the people who come down to the Club are fit and healthy, not everyone that we meet elsewhere is so fortunate, be it family, friends or random strangers we pass in the street.

Please take extra time to wash your hands properly, avoid physical contact with others, clean ergos after use, etc. If you think you might be infected, let your coach know and please do not come down.

Aside from the general risk of infecting people, we have crews entered in the Schools Head and Veterans Head next weekend and they have been training hard and we don't want to have to make last minute crew changes due to isolation requirements. At the moment, both races are still going to take place but the respective organisers are providing regular updates.

The virus alerts will pass and everything will return to normal in due course. In the meantime, we hope that you and your families all stay safe and well.

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