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Fantastic End to a great season

The end of our racing season usually take place at Gloucester and Ross regattas, the club camps at Ross for the weekend which is a great team building opportunity.

We had two fantastic days racing with the club competing in finals across the weekend, there was a mixture of junior boys and girls and masters women that raced,

We managed to achieve 4 junior wins at Gloucester, 5 Junior wins at Ross and 2 masters wins at Ross making a total of 11 wins for the weekend.

Gloucester finalists and winners

WJ14 2x Eva, Emily

Wj15 1x Alice (Winner)

Wj16 1x Charly

wj16 2x Alice, Libby (winner)

WJ18 2x Marcella, Grace

W.Mas. Caroline, Jo

J18 4x- Matt, Jai, Keenan, Oli (winner)

J18 2x Matt, Jai -v- Keenan, Oli (winner)

Ross winners

W.mas 2x Caroline, Jo

W.mas 1x Caroline

WJ18 4x- Marcella, Grace, Alice, Libby

Wj16 2x Alice Libby

Wj14 2x Eva, Emily

J18 4x- Keenan, Matt, Ollie, Jai

j18 2x Oli, Keenan

Huge congratulations to all that competed and raced making a very successful and enjoyable weekend


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