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Landing Stage Complete

I am pleased to announce that the new landing stage steps have been completed this summer and it is now safe to walk down to the landing stage so there should be no repetition of slips, trips and rolling ankles on conkers this autumn and winter.

My thanks to Jeremy Pollen and his able deputies: Tony Rawlings, Mark Lafbery and Trisha Corless who helped. Jeremy also found a suitable space in the new retaining wall to include the commemoration stone rescued from the previous Clubhouse - a permanent reminder of our home for the previous 70 years.

I would also like to thank all those members who organised, ran and supported the various social events over the past few months which have been dedicated to fundraising for the steps. There are also certain individuals who gave donations towards the costs of the steps and also the bottom tier which was built last summer - thank you to you all too.

Watch out for the next fundraising targets and events. Bingo on September 2nd raised over £1,000 and, at the Quiz night on October 14th, I'd be looking for a similar amount to be raised.

Alan Douglas


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