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Lockdown Challenges

As everyone is plunged back into lockdown lets shine a light on some of the brilliant ways the squads have been training and staying connected.

Junior Squad

Lockdown 2 challenge was to run from Lands End to John o'Groats

  • Distance as the crow flies is 970 km

  • Distance by road is 1,426 km

We had originally challenged the boys and the girls to complete the distance as the crow flies but as the days ticked by it was clear they were going to smash that target.

The total distance covered during lockdown 2 was 1638.61 km with the boys completing 546 km and the girls completing 1001 km (there were more girls than boys contributing). The average distance per boy was 57 km and the girls 58km but we had a couple boys covering over 100km and one of the girls covering over 155 km.

We were so pleased to see so many of the athletes taking up the gauntlet and contributing to a great team effort

Drew, Juniors Coach

Senior Women's Squad

They created and competed in a series of Lockdown Challenges over the 4 weeks of Lockdown 2.0. There were 5 challenges a week ranging from 1000 squats to a 10k run and a photo challenge which was put on instagram for followers to vote who should win that week. Below are some of the winning photos. Great efforts ladies!

Leisure Squad

The Leisure squad 'travelled' to Prague via Amsterdam - 990 miles or 1.98 million steps over the 30 days, but ended up arriving there much sooner than expected so they decided to extend their challenge by walking back to the club covering 1980 miles between them!


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