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For the first time in 3 years there was a Green tide flag for WEHoRR, however this didn't matter as the event was being hosted online for the first time in history. The organisers teamed up with Zoom Ergos to host an online event which over 600 athletes signed up to. Joining them was a host team of Olympic legends including Katherine Grainger, Jess Eddie, Guin Batten, Gillian Lindsay and Zoe De Toledo. They guided the race briefing and row up to the start including a warm up.

The race briefing began at 9am, hands-on 9:10 as everyone climbed into boat 51 and tops off 9:25. Zoe De Toledo coxed the 600+ crew through the tideway and even took a wave to the face to the surprise of everyone. As not everyone has access to an erg at home, our Women's team completed a gruelling circuit. Each time a crew was overtaken, the teams mentioned had to do their push. Due to the amount of teams several boat clubs were composite crews, Staines had the honour of being paired up with our fellow Remenham Club members Twickenham, the composite crew pushed hard but were finally overtaken by boat 51 just after Hammersmith Bridge. The final push through to the end saw the team set a new course record of 17:40 and the finish marshall Matthew Pinsent reminded everyone to keep rowing through to the turning point past Putney Bridge.

This will be a race to remember and everyone is looking forward to next year's race - which is hopefully back on the tideway


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