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Opening up of the club

Hello Everyone The first stage of the Government’s easing takes place on Monday 8th March. Unfortunately, this does not allow us to recommence any on water or land training. However, the second easing, to take place on Monday March 29th does permit certain activities to recommence. The Committee has reviewed Government advice and British Rowing Guidance and agreed that all on-water activities can recommence from Monday 29th March. This is not a phased return to on-water activities as was the case last May, but allows all sizes of boats whether coxed or coxless to be used. This is subject to the following requirements which you must all follow. The last thing any of us wants is an outbreak of Covid at the Club when we have all done so much to protect each other over the last 12 months.

  • Staggered boating times at weekends (as we were doing from August until Christmas with each squad having the same time slots)

  • Only one crew/ person in a boat bay at any given time

  • 2m social distancing to remain in place whenever possible

  • Boats, blades and other equipment to be washed/ sanitised after every outing

  • Coxes to wear eye covering and masks in stern loaders and masks in front-loaders

  • Wearing of masks by individuals around the site to remain at the individual’s discretion

  • Changing rooms to remain closed

  • All boats must be booked in advance (preferably at least a day in advance) through and I would like to thank James Stewart for agreeing to continue to run this for us

Please contact your coaches and squad coordinators about details of returning to rowing and Summer training schedules. Evening rowing should also be possible when we return. Initially, this will be Juniors on Monday and Wednesday with Seniors/ Masters on Tuesday and Thursday. For the early outings post-lockdown, please check all boats and other equipment before going out as it will not have been used for a while. Please also take care on the river as there may be additional obstacles (both visible and submerged) which need to be avoided. If you see something, please let others know. At this time, all indoor training remains prohibited but should become possible as we move through the Government’s easing of restrictions over the next few months. As we approach each Government relaxation date, I will let everyone know what additional activities the Committee has decided can be undertaken in accordance with revised rules and guidance. I look forward to seeing you all back at the Club either in late March or early April. When you do come back, you will see some changes in the new Clubhouse as well as lots of new trestles. A lot of work has been going on both upstairs and downstairs during lockdown and I would like to thank everyone who has given their time and energy to do this, particularly Jeremy Pollen, Tony Rawlings and Tim Webb. Kind regards Alan President, Staines Boat Club


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