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Tier 3 Rowing Restrictions

Covid-19 Update

Sadly, many of you will have seen that Surrey (Runnymede and Spelthorne) and all surrounding areas will be moving into Tier-3 from 00.01 on Saturday morning (19th Dec).

In accordance with previous announcements and British Rowing Guidance, this means the following rules will apply to the Club from 00.01 on Saturday until further notice:

  • Other than when retrieving boats and equipment, no mixing of households indoors;

  • Rule of 6 applies outside

  • Use of changing rooms and showers should be minimsed (for showers, this means only use them in the event of a capsize)

  • Only those people living in a Tier-3 area can come to the Club

  • No group training indoors. British Rowing has an exemption from this restriction for Juniors and those with disabilities. HOWEVER, Juniors must contact their coaches prior to undertaking any indoor training while the Club is in Tier-3.

I know this is not the news we wanted to hear, but it is not unexpected. At least on water crew rowing remains permitted subject to compliance with all existing rules and safety/ cleanliness procedures.

As with all these things, I do not know when or how the restrictions will be lifted but know that I can rely on you all to follow these new rules.

Alan Douglas

President, Staines Boat Club


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