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Monmouth Regatta 2017 Sunday Part 2

More WINS came from WJ18 4x- (Corless Quad) a strong crew these girls always manage to demonstrate a fabulous standard of sculling (Rowing with two blades/pars). And members of the same crew separated into two double sculls boats and went on to win W.IM3.2x and the WJ18 2x competitions and finally they regrouped again to race against club mates from SBC senior women's squad and won in the final of the W.IM1 4x- completion, each crew member achieving three wins during the day which is a truly spectacular result for these young ladies. Another classic double sculls win came from the girls in the WJ15 2x who raced through heats leading and winning each of their races in some style. they are also able to claim the title Regatta Champions as the won their event on both days of this Regatta. Yet another doubles win for SBC in the NOV 2x (Novice double sculls) event which saw one of the two athletes in this crew competing and winning in his very first ever Regatta. Our wins were indeed spectacular but we have to recognise ALL our athletes, many of who won heats in their event or lost in the Final by the narrowest of margins. It was a Regatta I. Which the overall club performance was truly remarkable and everyone their added to the wonderful experience WELL DONE STAINES BOAT CLUB 

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