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Covid-19 and Rowing update: Coxless pairs and doubles

Coxless Pairs and Doubles to be permitted with effect from August 1st, subject to complying with the following rules:

  • All boats to be booked through the boat booking system ( Anyone wanting to book a boat must provide both names. If the crew changes before the use of the boat, the change must be passed on to James Stewart so we have an accurate record of who has used which boat

  • Crews to be asked to try and keep to the same people where possible (but this will not be a rigid requirement)

  • Crews to ask to be allocated the same boat (although this may not always be possible)

  • For double sculls, crews asked not have Bow row on their own (as this unnecessarily reduces the distance between Bow and Stroke). Stroke can, however, row on their own

  • All boats and blades to be washed after each outing

  • Maximum of two boats at any time on the landing stage

  • Maintain social distancing on land at all times and when carrying the boat. Wearing of facemasks while carrying the boat is not required as social distance can be maintained.

  • Social distancing should be maintained while checking the boat before each outing and moving footplates

  • Maximum of one person/ crew in a boat bay at any time

  • All other current Covid-19 restrictions remain in full force and effect.

Club and Member Actions in the Event of a Positive Covid-19 Test

  • Anyone who has had a positive Covid-19 test must not attend the Club in any way until after the end of their quarantine period.

  • The affected person must inform promptly Martin Corless as Membership Secretary ( of their positive test. Juniors are also required to inform Claire Dawson as Junior Coordinator. Information to be provided to include: crew members, others known to be at the Club at that time, boat used, blades used (where known) and whether a changing room was entered.

  • Anyone suspecting they are or may be infected should not attend the Club for a period of 14 days or until they have been tested and the test results are negative

  • Membership Secretary (and Junior Coordinator if a Junior) will inform membership by email of the positive test and the known details. [The identity of the affected person will not be publicised.]

  • Membership Secretary to contact crew members identified and inform them of the positive Covid test and instruct that they should self-isolate and are not allowed to come to the Club for a period of 14 days.

  • Membership Secretary to inform James Stewart, as organiser of boat bookings, to take the relevant boat out of circulation for a period of 5 days

  • James to inform Membership Secretary of anyone else who used the boat after the potentially infected person so they can be contacted too. Martin to contact these people.

  • The boat used by the affected person should not be used for a period of 5 days. [The time limit has been set at 5 days as the Covid-19 virus does not survive more than 72 hours on a hard surface so leaving them unused for 5 days should ensure any infection has ceased to be effective.] Boat to be cleaned thoroughly before the next outing by the first people to use it once it is back in circulation

  • With regard to blades, we acknowledge members may be unable to identify the specific blades they used. Where blades cannot be identified, it will be communicated to members (when they book boats) that they must wash all blades before their next outing until 5 days after the infection/ suspected infection was reported. If the blades can be identified, as with the boat, they will be taken out of use for a period of 5 days.

  • If the affected person entered either changing room, that changing room will be closed for a period of 5 days.

The Committee will continue to monitor the situation and Government advice on preventing the spread of Covid-19. If it is decided that additional measures are required, this will be communicated to the membership. The measures set out above will remain in force until the membership is informed otherwise.

By taking these steps the Club should be able to limit to the extent possible infection spreading through the membership. The Committee believes that, by taking those steps set out above, it would not be necessary to close the Club for a period of 14 days after any notified infection.

Alan Douglas


Staines Boat Club

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