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British Rowing Tier 4 Guidance

Dear All

Firstly, Happy Christmas to you and all your families. I hope you have as festive a Christmas and that you all stay safe.

I also have some [limited] good news. British Rowing have now clarified their guidance for Tier 4 and single sculls and co-habiting crews are permitted on water training. This is subject to the following:

  • Compliance with all normal SBC navigation and safety rules (noting that we are currently on Red Boards so nobody is allowed out anyway);

  • Strict social distancing on land – this has become a bit lax over recent weeks and, given the rate at which the new virus strains can infect others, we must keep at least 2m between people;

  • Thorough cleaning of all personal and Club rowing equipment after every outing;

  • Only one person/crew in any bay at any time;

  • Use of changing rooms to be kept to an absolute minimum (showers only in the event of a capsize);

  • All club boats must be booked at least 24 hours in advance through

British Rowing have also provided additional guidance in respect of junior crews. The Committee have considered this and, in light of the fact that Junior rowing is on its Christmas break, no decision on this will be taken until closer to the scheduled return of rowing in January.

Happy Christmas


President, Staines Boat Club


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