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Club Reopening

Following the end of the current lockdown, I am pleased to inform you that the Club will reopen for on-water rowing. The procedures to follow are the same as were in place immediately prior to this second lockdown, namely:

  • All members must maintain social distancing on land;

  • All members must follow the “rule of 6” when on land and not carrying equipment;

  • All equipment must be thoroughly washed and disinfected after every outing;

  • Boats must be booked with James Stewart on;

  • Only one crew allowed in a boat bay at a time;

  • Stern positioned Coxes are required to wear both eye and mouth/nose covering;

  • Front loader coxes to wear face coverings;

  • Wearing of masks while on land remains optional at the discretion of the individual.

We will keep the same staggering of the start time for outings on weekend mornings as we had before lockdown as this greatly helped us manage numbers on land.

Limited land training can recommence with the use of socially distanced ergos providing that they are thoroughly cleaned after each use.

I look forward to seeing you all again this weekend.

Kind regards



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